pics of 'lumieres de paris'??

  1. since i'm going to need more H ribbon to make a bulletin board now (it's all saligator's fault), i'm hoping someone can inspire some scarf lust here :smile: (lol...that shouldn't be too hard on this forum!)

    i've seen lumieres in the pink colorway, but i know it came in at least blue as well, and not sure if it came in others...does anyone have pics of other colorways? i've searched tPF and eBay, and no luck. anyone have a pic? i need something new to covet!
  2. These are probably not much good to you as they are plisses, here are mine in the pink and blue colorways:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    v6.jpg plisse.jpg
  3. I actually saved a bunch of the LDP pics from on...
  4. here's a red and my chalk/blue/red
    (still looking for a pic of my blue/turquoise)
  5. Here are a few; if you want to know the colorway number just look at the filename of the photo--the last two digits after the "s" indicate the colorway number:
    001907s05_2.jpg 001907s04_2.jpg 001907s02_2.jpg
  6. here's a red and my chalk/blue/red (still looking for my blue/turquoise):
    lumiere full chalk blue red.jpg lumieres1.jpg
  7. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Picture 1.jpg Picture 2.jpg
  8. some more; also there is a mustard yellow one with blue and green in it that I don't have a photo of. Let me know if you want to see actual pictures--I have the LDP regular carre in pink and blue; red, pink, and blue for the plisse. I can take photos of whichever one you're more interested in.
    001907s01_2.jpg 001907s10_2.jpg 001907s06_2.jpg
  9. dup - sorry - yikes!
  10. Here's my blue/turquoise:
  11. you guys are amazing...truly! thank you so much for all of the pics!! it's clear to me now that what i really need is that stunning chalk/blue/red colorway....WOW.

    katel (or if anyone else owns this) you happen to have any pics of you wearing this gorgeous piece??

    and is there any chance of actually finding this baby out there somewhere?? i thought i recalled hearing that these were going on eBay for some horrendous amount of money?? i'd prefer to just buy from the there any chance??

  12. SMC, I know what you mean about this c/w. I bought the turquoise and saw the chalk/blue/red the next day and called my SA immediately.

    I can try to snap a pic tomorrow. I have the tag and info - if I were you, I'd call my SA tomorrow (or the 1-800 number - they are very helpful) and ask her/them to do a seach for:

    Lumieres de Paris
    Craie/bleu/rouge fonce
    001907S 10 06H

    ("10" is the colorway #)

    The blue is also a stunner on (if you like teal/purpley-blue). Its tag reads:
    Marine cl/bleu dur/turquoise
    001907S 06 06H

    I think you have a good chance of finding one as they were released f/w 2006-2007 (I bought mine in May).

    Best fortune in your search! :heart:
  13. SMC, my DH was sweet and just snapped this pic - hth!

    lumiere chalk blue - on.jpg