Pics of Lola Tote

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  1. These are way overdue, and since I keep forgetting to ask dh to take pics, I decided to take them myself. Not a good idea! They aren't very good. Hopefully they help someone!

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  2. very nice bag,,, gorgeous color and slouch!!!
  3. Such a great bag, that yummy LP leather is just gorgeous and it looks great on you!!
  4. OMG totally gorgeous!
  5. VERY nice! I'm still kicking myself for not doing the BIN on the Bittersweet one on eBay a few weeks ago :sad: Thanks for the pics!!
  6. I took a couple pics with my large black Lola, I'm 5'4'', 125lbs for reference


  7. I will keep a look out for you for a bittersweet one. I know one popped back up on Aster Alice and there is a 25% coupon which I posted in the deals section. There is a black one on ebay still for $415, but I haven't seen a bittersweet one in so long.
  8. thanks everyone! i love this bag just have to find one on sale now...
  9. Thanks for the pics, Olidivia! The black is stunning and looks fabulous on you. It's always the case that IRL pics like yours and AZ's are so much better than the official pics or of celebs.
  10. is the lola heavy? compared to...the dylan zip tote?
  11. In my opinion it is much lighter, it doesn't have as much hardware . The Zip tote has three large compartments which also add to the weight. The flat handles of the lola make it easier to wear on the shoulder as compared to the dylan zip tote's rounded handles.
  12. olidivia, you look great! love your black lola :love::love::love:
  13. I just bought my first LP , it's the lola tote in black ; i hope i like it , i needed a bag for when i go out of town. can't wait to see it irl !!
  14. wow!!! I'm only about a year late. Saw this bag on a blog somewhere and thought OMG thats the one for me . After I offload some others on ebay of course. I know it's an old style but the leather looks gorgeous. THere's a brown one on bonanza atm. Does anyone know of any black ones?