Pics of Lockit with Clochette- What do you think??

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  1. Hi everyone, well here it is the clochette I ordered to go with my Mono lockit PM. What do you guys think?? Yay or nay? Thanks for the opinions guys!!
    DSCN0478.jpg DSCN0479.jpg DSCN0480.jpg
  2. LOVE IT!!!:love:
  3. I say Yay! I think it looks great with it!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. Beautiful!
  5. lOVE IT..It meant to be there..LV really should consider this..
  6. Looks so nice!!
  7. Seriously, it should come with it. That looks fab-U-lous
  8. Thank you guys! I just wasn't sure because it doesn't ACTUALLY come with the bag. Although it should!! It was only 20 bucks too!! I think I like it, I just hope everyone doesn't think it's fake because "the real bag doesn't come with a clochette", kwim?? OH well, I like it.
  9. $20 BUCKS!!! WOW!! I want to just buy em! lol
  10. Gorgeous!!!! And you know it's real. It really should come with looks fantastic! :yahoo:
    I'd love to have a clochette with my initial heat stamped on it. :love:

  11. :idea: :idea: Hey....that's a great idea!!!

  12. :lol: Matt, you crack me up!!
  13. So what did you do, attach the keys that came with the lock to the clochette or did clochette already come withe keys?:shame:

  14. The bag itself came with the keys to the lock that it comes with. So, I just attached the keys to the clochette. So, it is actually the keys that come with the lock. (not that I'd ever lock the bag though).
  15. ooooh I love it! it looks great on you!

    I really wanted one but when I went into the boutique, the SA told me there was a waiting list!! And once the bag arrived, LV full filled all the backorders and now there is none available! Will have to wait for the next shipment.....
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