pics of Lockheart bag - keeper?

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  1. I saw this bag a week ago at Off 5th...wasn't looking for a black bag but liked this one. So I went back and got it for 30% off. I like the outside pocket and it's functional for me size-wise. It's a bit heavy though and although I didn't think it looked too big on me at the store, now I'm having second thoughts about how it looks proportion-wise. Also I have to confess this forum is making me want a Minkoff bag (but I haven't seen IRL)...Opinions on the Lockheart please.
    purse 046.jpg
    purse 045.jpg
  2. I think it's a gorgeous bag--love the whipstitch detail. It is a pretty good sized bag, but it depends on what you're used to carrying. Will it be an everyday bag?
  3. Yes, for me in the black I thought it would be very versatile...could wear for work (basically my work is business casual) or with jeans
  4. I like it! I know what you mean about the size. But if you need to carry a lot of things you're going to come to appreciate the extra space. Also, if you carry it not on your shoulder but lower like a tote it won't look so overwhelming.
  5. I think it looks great on you! I saw a few at Nordies...impressive!
  6. I hate to be the butt here, but I dont like it. I think that if you were considering buying a Rebecca Minkoff, you should go for it. Regardless of the bag, her styles are clean, sophisticated, elegant, and ultimately, fuss-free.

    I like Lockheart, but this bag is complicated to the eye. Visually distracting, per se. Woven leather is very beautiful, for example, Bottega is gorgeous (but outrageously expensive) In the case of the Lockheart, I think there is way too much going on.

    However, if you love the bag, and thats really all that matters, then by all means you should keep it and tell me to keep my trap shut!

    LOL, well there's my opinion, I hope it helps!
  7. I like it...think it looks great in proportion to you also! I'd say keep.
  8. Cute! As a proud new owner of a Lockheart, I have to say that their attention to detail is remarkable. I don't think it's too big for you at all. RM bags are quite big as well, unless you get the mini versions.
  9. I think it looks cute! I saw some for the first time in real life at nordstroms and thought they looked very pretty
  10. I agree with Gung, there's too much going on, but if you like it, that's the only thing that matters.
  11. ^ yeah way too much going on
    it doesnt work for me
    but if that's what you like go for it!
  12. I like it a lot, it seems right now there are too many "twins" out there. What I mean by that is there are a lot of bags that all look the same, and all that distinguishes them is "who" is wearing them from the celebrity circuit. Otherwise, it is just another leather bag.

    It's nice to see great details, beautiful styling, something that looks hand hewn for the same price point as all of the plainer bags that all look similar from Eliot Lucca all the way to Marc Jacobs. Lockheart looks like it's a great value, plus it is so much more interesting to the eye. Looks great on you!
  13. It's definitely not a small bag, but I don't think the proportion thing is an issue. If you like the style, color etc and think you'll get a lot of use out of it, I'd keep it, but not if you're trying to talk yourself into loving a bag that you got for a great price, KWIM?