Pics of lock and key necklace

  1. Yikes! I thought this was going to be more dainty, but when it arrived it looked like it should have had a pit bull attachted to the end :nuts: Anyway, wanted to post pics before I returned it.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. omg it's beautiful!! how much was it & where did u get it???? T_T i want a chanel necklace~~!!
  4. return it not cute at all :yucky:
  5. woah i didnt know it was the link chain, i thought it was one of those little chains. it's cute though!
  6. It's a cute purchase, sorry you don't like it, I agree not at all what is expected. Take it back and get something you will LOVE and treasure forever!

  7. It's going back for sure! I do not like it at all. I was so disappointed when it arrived:crybaby:
  8. Me too, and I would love it if it were about 100x smaller than the current size.
  9. Funny!
  10. hmmm, yes it does look a bit odd, i'm glad we're all honest here
  11. I am so glad i turned this down when my SA recommended me to buy it (over the phone) :yes: :yes:

    Its not classy like most other chanel accessories. Looks a little like my toy jewellery which i had when i was a kid. lol
  12. Its kind of different - not really my style.
  13. Very different. Not my style though.
    Out of curiousity how much was it?
  14. Not my style- but I could see someone able to pull it off
  15. I actually like this!