Pics of Lindsay in New York

  1. I found these pictures of Lindsay Lohan in New York. I :love: her bag! And the jacket is adorable!



  2. shes got the best bags! shes not looking too bad these days
  3. can't see 'em
  4. Hm...let me try another way and see if it'll show up for everyone.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Ok, so I finally got it to work. Here are the other two.

  7. Sorry guys, I'm really bad with computers. :shame:
    It took me so long to get these pics up.
  8. she looks really really really pretty, esp in the first picture :love:. and i love her bag. anyone knows whose is it?
  9. I love the outfit (especially her jeans). looks comfy!
  10. The shoes... Louboutin flats?
  11. What is that jacket? Sooooo cute!
  12. What is that bag? That shape is really really cute.
  13. I can't get a good look at the bag. Waaaah!!!!!

    That is the thinnest I have seen her recently, especially in that first pic. Yikes.
  14. She is my fav right now! I think that bag is CHANEL it has a "5" a white flower and i think the CC's on the front of it, its soft grey and white. i may be wrong.She has the best style she always looks comfortable. :rolleyes:
  15. i like the whole outfit and i totally love most of the times her fashion choices!
    :love: :cool: