Pics of Heat Stamping...

  1. So it's the last day of Finals and Finallly I have some time to myself...:biggrin:
    so I just snapped a few pics of Heat stamping that I've done quite a while ago...but now that it seems to be the hottest thing...I guess people would like some more examples...

    Enjoy...the first one I did back in January of 2005 and periodically on...



  2. Hi Khoi -
    Love the heatstamping on your mat. Is it just an imprint?
  3. Thanks..:amuse: for the Mat it is no color..I don't even think they gave me an option for color on the mat
  4. Neat!
  5. Khoi, I love how it is understated by not having a color. Is that option only limited to the Mat line?
  6. Bluekit...

    I don't think can either choose a color or go colorless if you looks nice either way...:biggrin:
  7. You can choose no color if you want.
  8. beautiful !!
  9. Your heatstamping looks great! The mat without any color looks so cool. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Very nice!
  11. Here is my Le fab heatstamped.
  12. Mmmmmm...GORGEOUS pics!!!!!
  13. Lucci, I am really thinking about getting that suhali bracelet every time I see yours!!!:lol:
  14. wow bags that are heat stamped are gorgous!
  15. Is that you Linda?...the Le Fab is NICCCCCCCEEEE...:biggrin::biggrin: