Pics of Hayden Harnett Suki, Nico and Sophia dress

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  1. Here are some shots of my Suki in saddle, the Nico in Currant and the Sophia dress in yellow.

    I'm still not sure if I'm keeping the dress - the bf said 'hey, are you going to wear a belt with that?' which he pretty much always says when i wear anything with volume, but it's so bright and happy and i love these tent shapes, even if they aren't the most flattering on me. sometimes i don't think guys get any dress that isn't cut with a wasp waist :rolleyes:.

    the suki however is staying with me 4-eva :yahoo: i'm sorry that i had to take these pics inside - it has not stopped raining for days and i wanted to get these up before the sale ends. to get a real grip on the saddle color, go to the HH website. IRL it's alot 'richer' and a bit darker than it appears in my pics.

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  2. cute! i'm so tempted to get the suki now....
  3. The dress suits you - goes so well with your suki!
    It's still raining there? Where are you? I'm in San Francisco, and it's nice here. You drive out of the city, and you can already wear that dress in today's weather! :yes:
  4. I personally love all of your purchases! They all look lovely on you!
  5. i'm so jealous!! i'm in boston, and it's been damp, clammy and cold for so long that i am seriously wondering if i was teleported to london somehow ;)
  6. aw, thanks so much! i really admire your taste as well, so that approval means alot! :smile:
  7. OOh I love the Suki!

    And thank you for showing it off! I was a little unsure of the colour when I was just looking it at the website
  8. you and your bags and your dress are all DIVINE!

    those bags are definately to die for you have DELISH taste!

    :love: them both!
  9. You look so great with all the new purchases! I especially love the suki on you. Congrats!
  10. Bags are gorgeous. And that dress looks fabulous on you!!
  11. I think the dress looks FAB on you - you wear it so well and love your shoes too...obviously HH rocks and the bags are gorgeous too, love my HH, huge fan! :yes:
  12. OMG! That dress looks so amazing on you that I almost didn't see the handbags! (which is really saying something since I love HH bags!). I think it really suits you...I wish I could say the same for me but alas I do not have your legs:sweatdrop: Keep it ! Oh, the bags are really gorgeous too:yes:
  13. I say keep the dress!! That outfit is stunning and the Suki is the added icing on the cake! Congrats!
  14. WOW- thank you all SO much for your kind comments!! i hate cameras and photos of myself and almost had to take a shot of tequila to get these up on the web but the opportunity for feedback from the experts was too great to pass up. thanks for making my day!!!!! :smile: i love HH so so much and i have a feeling i'll be doing more damage before the sale is up... i'm seriously loving the gaza satchel, the Nicos, the Isabelle leather trim dress, and yes, everything else on the site ;)
  15. Jess, you're drop-dead gorgeous, woman, don't know why you need tequila! LOVE the bags, but then you know that - I'm really being tempted by the Suki now - I've refreshed the bank account after selling my Coaches on eBay, but that was only to pay for what I just bought. If I get a Suki, I'll be in the hole again. See, I'm one of those that pays as ya go...