pics of Hayden Harnett Havana hobo in moss

  1. It is a really "unstructured" bag-I expected the green to be lighter but it isn't which is nice as w/ light bags there is the worry of getting them dirtier more easily.

    I have my makeup case, wallet
    , and book and I have room to spare. The leather is really nice and soft and the little touches of detail,lining, and emerson quote on the HH tag are cool. I feel it isn't as thin as some others mentioned and seems a great bag for work etc.

    My 1st HH, won't be my last:smile:
    moss11.jpg mosss112.jpg mosss113.jpg
  2. Looks very nice on you. That lining is so pretty!!!
  3. Congrats! Very pretty bag. Love the color!
  4. That bag is stunning and it looks awesome on you!!!!! I love the design inside the bag too- that is so fun! Congrats!!! Beautiful color!
  5. thanks! Next HH purchase will be something more structured...still in love with the Lorca and Mercer clutch but Ive done enough damage these past few weeks for a month or 2
  6. That is a really pretty shade! Love that bag.
  7. pretty bag. Definitely something to think about.
  8. Love the picture. It's such a great bag for schlepping things around
  9. the bag is beautiful and looks great on you!!! I love the moss color. Hayden Harnett has some great bags and their leather is amazing.