Pics of guys wearing their wedding bands.

  1. I don't think anyone has asked this question before....

    I have a thing...I'm a hand girl. I look at thrills me to no end to see a guy wearing his wedding I was wondering....

    Your husband

    PLEASE show us some pics of guys wearing their wedding bands.

  2. I'm on the hunt!
  3. Ben Affleck

    [​IMG] It's a normal every day pose...I like it. BTW, Ben looks A LOT like the guy I'm totally nuts over right now (Isaac) when I look at Ben, ususally I'm thinking Isaac....Which is why the ring gets me.

    David Beckham

    [​IMG] Even when he's on the field.

    I guess you could call Kevin Federline a celebrity...

    Better days...
    [​IMG] it's the idea of a father, holding his child, and his wife all's a good thing. The ring is there tho! Let me see if I can get a better one of that one.

    [​IMG] The pose really freaks me out. But in this pic, he's braodcasting that ring. It's a big deal to him there.

    Nick Lachey....albeit that Jessica is in the picture....I agonized over their split....


    This is harder than I thought trying to find all these!

    I'll post more tomorrow maybe....

    Night all!
  4. oh nice pics! Jess and Nick looked soo happy!
  5. Here are a few.

    One is Christian Bale, aka BATMAN
    The next is Ethan Hawke, when him and Uma were still all hot and heavy and the last two are of friends (who both sing Gospel Music for their living.) The one with Curly hair is David, and the other is Dean.
    Christian Bale.jpg Ethan Hawke.jpg Hit that note Dean!.jpg David2.jpg