**PICS** of ...guess what??

  1. as i promised..!! :yahoo: hope u guys enjoy the pics!
    CIMG0953.JPG CIMG0955.JPG
  2. very nice...congrats...what is the mini lin like??? i like Daimer as well...
  3. YAY! I see you chose the Mini Lin! Congrats! Looks scumptious!
  4. i don't really know how to describe what it's like....it's a bit on the soft side but the mini LVs are quite cute...

  5. :yahoo: congrats!!!!! :flowers:
  6. Simply gorgeous. Congratulations--I'd be happy just gazing at them!
  7. wow thats a gorgeous bag...
  8. is it special edition....
  9. CONGRATS!!!

    Quick question: What's the interior of the Bucket?
  10. Congrats on your new babies..gorgeous..
  11. Congrat's :yahoo:
  12. Very nice! Congratulations! :smile:
  13. no, not LE bags...but they are probably sold out cuz for the first day there i got 1 out of the 2 bags they had...the second day i returned and got the damier card holder to find that the 2nd one's gone!

  14. an extremely dark brown..nylon..:graucho:

  15. awsome!! thanks for showing...the cosmetics pouch is super cute!!!
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