Pics of Graffiti Zippy Coin purse

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  1. Just thought I'd share a few pics of my new pink Graffiti Zippy Coin Purse!
    I love it and fits my needs perfectly:smile: No reveal - "moved in" to it at work today!
    Here's the outside:

    Here's the inside. I have my debit card in the card slot in the middle, then coins on one side and bills on the other. In the card slots on the side I have my gas card, drivers licence, seasonal admittance card to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and loyalty card at my local espresso shop.

    A side view - I :heart: the pink lining!
  2. oooh I ADORE this!!! so have to get one.

  3. Didn't know the inside was pink. I'll be picking mine up this afternoon. Congrats to you.
  4. Congrats!
  5. I love the pink lining! Why didnt they give the graffiti speedy pink lining?!! Anyhooo congrats!
  6. Thanks - I really love the Zippy Coin Purse, and to me it's actually a perfect wallet! I'm glad I didn't get the Zippy wallet, it's just too big for my needs.

    Alexis168 - Gotta' love that lining! The orange one has orange lining and the green one has green lining, they're all adorable!
  7. Ohhh very cute... im still waiting for my LV call about the Graffiti.
  8. Congrats! I like the pink leather lining!
  9. Its so cute!! Congrats! Love that you have a season card for Tivoli.. ;) I love being there..
  10. Omg, I love how compact it is! Now I really want it as well, but I've already spend waaay too much on LV wallets :sweatdrop:
  11. SaraDK - My sister lives in Nørrebro and my aunt and uncle lives in Hellerup, so I usually visit Copenhagen a few times a year, and we always go to Tivoli, hence the season card. I love Tivoli as well!

    sweetlove - I love that too. I was considering the Zippy Wallet, but I realize it would have been waaaay to big for what I need :smile:
  12. I love pink. That's is so cute. Congrats on your new LV.
  13. So Fun!!!
  14. Congrats... it's really cute! :biggrin: It's gonna go beautifully with your Roses Speedy!
  15. Those pics makes me really tempted to get a zippy coin purse.. :sweatdrop: I have a pochette wallet, and it's gorgeous, but it's too big for everyday use, so I pretty much always put my cards in my cles and leave the wallet at home, and before that it was a zippy wallet which I ended up giving to my mom. Btw, are you attending the Oslo meetup?