1. OMG!

    Just got this Foresta Campeggio from a friend in CA and it's GORGEOUS!!!:tup:
    Foresta is definitely one of the most beautiful and colorful prints, IMHO.

    For 003.jpg For 001.jpg For 005.jpg For 004.jpg

    And here's my collection so far...Not that large, but growing daily!! Loves it!

    Collect 059.jpg

    PS. I apologize to the dual members for the double posting.
  2. Very nice collection!:drool:
  3. oooh i love your caramellas and denaros.. i have no denaros or caramellas...maybe one day.. haah
  4. nice of your friend! lovely collection ^^
  5. wow nice collection and hey it's a pretty big collection to me!! Very beautiful pieces!! congrats :tup:
  6. Ooh, nice!
  7. THANK YOU, ladies! I'm new to Toki, and LOVING every little piece of it!!

    Now I gotta put some more of them to USE!
  8. i'm also deciding on a foresta campeggio myself hehe..modelling pics pls LVixen ;)
  9. lovely collection! :tup:
  10. Love the Forsta Campeggio! It's so HTF now. Your collection is just so awesome!
  11. great collection! i love the print placement of your spiaggia denero. where did you find one?
  12. That's a great collection! It looks pretty big to me to =)
  13. you have such a good collection of accessories! accessories are always my favorite.
  14. Thanks! I got lucky with this one, because I just ordered it from, and this is what I got. I like it a lot too.
    Collect 049.jpg
  15. Congrats!:drinks:You have an awesome collection there! I especially like your foresta and inferno campeggios:drool: I think I am slowly falling in :heart: with the inferno print, particularly in a stellina or campeggio.