Pics of first Louboutins ever made?

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  1. Is there a picture retrospective of Louboutins online anywhere? I'm curious what the first pair he ever designed looks like. Does anyone know any of the style names in his very first collection? Did he even name them back then? I tried searching the threads but no luck.

    I remember reading somewhere that he moved the manufacture of his shoes to Italy because it was actually cheaper (previously in England or France I think).
  2. Oh wow I would be interested in seeing the first ones every made! :biggrin:
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    Well, the first Louboutin shoes.. were the LOVE design.. similar to the one re-edited recently.. Mostly you can have a look at the "what were you thinkin mister louboutin thread" ... a lot of 'old' designs are shown. =) "Trash" was also the name of one of the first designs..

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  4. ^Those weren't the first pair he designed...those were the first pair that got his shoes noticed and "launched" his career. In a sense they were his first popular pair.
  5. Dear Liza.. I'm the first to believe in your knowledge, only I just had several and precise sources that helped me to say so. So I tought it might light up what OP wanted to know. I even may say that his very first designs were somewere among Charles Jourdan's or so..
  6. Hmmm....I will have to look for a book I have from The Met....1996 it seems, that has early designs from Mrs. Louboutin along with a small story about the names. I remember there was a shoe in there called 'The Egg' that he designed in 1988.
  7. I read somewhere that first collection\line under the CL label was in 1988 but I think the company was official in 1992? the Love pumps came out early nineties so definitely an early style but I cannot say for sure if they were part of that first line. Here is a picture of the original love pumps in case anyone wants to see how they looked the first time. Every time I spot the new love pumps I think of Yaya :heart:

  8. interesting. the love shoes i did read were a pair that helped launch his career, but i have no idea what the first designs under the louboutin name were. however he did design for other fashion houses (ie: chanel) before embarking on his own ventures.
  9. my how things have changed :amuse:
  10. leda, thank you, my sweets! :hugs:

    i DO love my love pumps!!
  11. Thanks everyone for the interesting tidbits and pics! I assuming the Love shoe was made in Italy? The reason I ask is I'm curious to see what the very first shoes under his name look like. I still can't remember the article but someone told him to move production to Italy b/c the workshop he was using (in England? France?) was too expensive. I don't know if those pre-Italy shoes were just samples or were actually sold retail. I find it amusing though that moving production TO Italy actually was cheaper.:lol:
  12. My guess is he started in France,not the UK. But that's just a guess.
  13. I had a shoe a day calender that had a picture of some yellow pumps - they were dated very early in his career, though can't say for sure whether these were the first.
  14. What a great thread Onesizefitsnone!! Welcome btw!
  15. Interesting thread....wonder y no one asked this question all these years lol
    I wonder how we can truly find out? Any signings coming up? We can just ask him ourselves.
    I wonder if we can email someone off his website?