Pics of Fendi Mirrored Wallet Silver

  1. Hi, for those who would like to see the inside compartment of the wallet, here you go....i got this from for $465.
    It's lined in Red Silk fabric and Silver leather. It has 4 credit card compartment and 4 open compartment and 1 zip pocket
    It's sold out in most stores, I think only the Fendi NY store has them now.....


    Picture(8).jpg Picture(9).jpg Picture(10).jpg Picture(11).jpg
  2. goooooooooooorgeous :biggrin:
  3. Beautiful. My friend has one and she sometimes uses it has a clutch. Congrats.
  4. Wow, I like that a lot. I was torn but I ended up getting the LV zippy wallet in pomme instead. I'm still drooling over the Fendi mirrored wallet though.
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to say congrats :shame:
  6. Josephine, I think we are looking for the same things....I actually got the LV Groom Zippy wallet from elux but found it super big for daily use, that's why I bought this one..congrats to your Zippy wallet, I like that a lot too :jammin:
  7. So pretty :smile: congrats ^^
  8. What a pretty wallet. I love it very much!
  9. It is just lovely!
  10. wow, that is really pretty!
  11. Beautiful, I love the inside red lining!!
  12. Congrats- that is beautiful!
  13. omg...i want to snag this gold one too if the price is right....thx for the heads up!
  14. That's on my watchlist! Come to mama!