Pics of Fendi B Bag in Beige/Tan

  1. I just got a visit UPS! Here are pics of the Fendi B bag, in beige/tan leather. I'm not sure of the official color. It is the all leather, with the double buckles. I absolutely love it!! I really didn't when I first saw the press pics back in the Fall, but the leather is great. Like the spy leather, but structured. I am loving the pleats as well. I love this color, similar to the spy honey, but not as much orange in it. I took pics with and without flash. It is very roomy.

    Enjoy :biggrin:
    IMG_1613.jpg IMG_1614.jpg IMG_1615.jpg IMG_1616.jpg
  2. beautiful! the b bags have definately grown on me. congrats on a great bag!
  3. They are growing on me, too. I love this color.
  4. wow, it's so pretty! I love living vicariously through other people's brand new bags
  5. Gorgeous!! :love: The bag is growing on me too. What color is it? I love it!. And of course that leather just makes me weak!! LOL..

    Congrats!! BorsaBella!! You should pose with the bag!! I bet you look really good with it. I really want to see it in person especially being carry by a person LOL.
  6. Borsa,
    That's one gorgeous bag!
  7. OMG! Thats the only BBAG I WANT!!!! Is it the large one or the medium!!!????
    Sooooo JEALOUS!!!!
  8. I love the bag! I wasn't a hug fan of the b bag...but since the buckles are the same color as the isn't as loud as the patent ones...great purchase!! I love it l love it!!
  9. I wasn't a fan either, but I do love the matching buckles. I do not know if it is the medium or the large, it measures: 18 inches wide and 11 inches tall. It is quite large. The color is more of a tan, the card reads: borsa cat.b.fendi crispe/tusc/osso/ottone brunit and its the 8bn166 size.
  10. I LOVE it! Use it well!
  11. It's what a lot of stores are calling large or medium. It's bigger than the black/tan one that's been featured in all the magazines. If you notice, the buckles only go down to about 1/2 to a 1/3 from the bottom of the bag. The one that's everywhere, i.e. the black/tan, has the buckles going to the bottom of the bag.

    Can you get the bag on your shoulder? I couldn't get the black/tan one that I saw at Fendi on my shoulder...

    CONGRATS by the way!!!
  12. This bag looks great, I usually don't really like Fendi B bags but the fact that the color of the buckles is similar to the color of the bag does make a difference. Enjoy!
  13. Nice! That one looks really roomy. I saw the black/tan sample they had at Fendi yesterday and I wasnt too impressed. It looked small inside, but for some reason yours looks larger. Is it a larger size? Or is it just the pics lol.
  14. Really cute!!!
  15. Thats the large one ,per your yummy!!