Pics of Eugenie wallet?

  1. this forum is going to make me broke!

    anyone have IRL pix of this gorgeous wallet?
  2. here's mine :biggrin:



  3. i loveeee it. how do you like it? im thinking btw this and the pochette wallet. is it clutch sized?
  4. Love this wallet!!!!
  5. OOOOoo that wallet is HOTT! Is there a coin compartment?
  6. yes it's clutch-sized. i like this because it has EVERYTHING i need in a wallet: bill compartment, coin compartment, 12 credit card slots and ID window

    yes it does. it's a zippered compartment on the back of the wallet
  7. I love this wallet, especially in EPI. It's a fantastic choice.... I highly recommend it. Once they make it in red EPI, I'm running to the boutique to get it!!
  8. Will LV make the Eugenie wallet in any other color soon?
  9. only epi black and ivorie the MC was cancelled
  10. i would get it in Epi, it's soo pretty IRL!:yes: