PICS of emerald Day / Hobo & ink Shopping / Shopper

  1. Here they are. The emerald is gorgeous, the leather was a surprise, I was expecting thin and it's not. I love the color but not sure I have that much to wear with it.,
    The ink was a real WOW. It's really got a LOT of purple. Way more than my Tiwggy and the leather is really thick. I am still not sure about the style. It's not too big and and I love the easy access but wish it had an optional strap.
    There is also a very special picture of my greige with a very special little furry bag charm. :love:
    I had to also show you this sunset tonight. I don't know if we are allowed to post OT pictures, so I will leave them up for now and delete them tomorrow.
    pic016.jpg pic001.jpg pic018.jpg pic033.jpg pic004.jpg
  2. Greige etc. This is my new Tibetan Spaniel puppy. :love:
  3. Keys Sunset
    pic003v3.jpg pic011v2.jpg pic007v2.jpg
  4. Great bags, great puppy, great sunset. Your life looks like paradise!
  5. thanks for the sunset pictures. They are beauiful
  6. powderpuff100 - thanks for sharing AWESOME pics of your new b-bags!!! and of your cute doggie!!! LOVE the sunset!!! I wish the weather was better here!!!
  7. I am not *getting* this ink. My Twiggy is really dark, almost navy with tinge of purple in certain lighting. This ink looks really puprple, almost like a pale eggplant. I have photographed it in every possible lighting and even with the naked eye it still looks very purple. The contrasting edges of the handles etc. look navy but the bag itself looks purple. I don't know if they vary a lot or there is something wrong with this bag. Here are some more pics. Tell me what you think. Are any of yours this purple?
    pic000.jpg pic001.jpg pic009.jpg pic010.jpg pic004.jpg
  8. More:
    pic003.jpg pic009.jpg pic002.jpg pic010.jpg
  9. i LOVE all the pics!! The sunset, the bags, the puppy...have you gotten a name for it? I'm still trying to convince dh to agree to a puppy, he doesn't like animals :hysteric:

    and i :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: your ink shopping! where did you get it from? Where can I get one? I've been looking for a ink with lots of purple! well, throw it this way if you're having second thoughts .... and same for pups too! :yes:
  10. HAHA can't have the puppy and I cannot decide on a name yet. My Mom named hers right away, I can't decide. I had to convice my fiance too, he did not want another dog, but I got my way. :p
    I did look at some of the pics n here of inks and I can't tell if it's the lighting or some of them are real purple too. I compared it to my ink Twiggy and they are nothing alike. The shopper is lighter and almost has a pale eggplant look to it. Weird. Maybe I just haven't seen a lot of inks on person, but the difference is so remarkable that I wondered if it was a freak, but I did see a couple of others in Photos with your bbags that look similar.
    I got it from Capitol, same place I got my gorgeous lilac and the emerald Hobo. The shopper is a pretty cool bag and I can even fit one of my laptops in it. I just wish it had a strap. :yes: I haven't decided it I am keeping with of them yet. I also have a white First on the way, and I am a white bag freak so I know that is a keeper.
  11. It's BEAUTIFUL :drool:
  12. Great bags! Especially the greige. I really love it. And your puppy is so cute.
    Thanks for the sunset pics. It looks like paradise :yes: It's great to know that somewhere else sun still comes out, cause where I live it's been raining for a week now, so I would totally appreciate some more pictures from sunny and beautiful Florida, if only you have time and will to post them :smile: .
  13. I think your Ink Shopper is a lovely colour - I like all the deep purples and blues. Thank you for sharing a lovely piece of your life with us powderpuff100!
  14. I love the puppy and also the bags!!!
  15. That ink shopper's leather is TDF!!! I got (and returned) an ink first that had NOT a hint of purple anywhere!! Isn't that wierd? Sometimes I think on the bags with a more expansive leather area, the quality and dye is better - ever single hobo that has passed through my hands has had exceptional leather.

    tibetan spaniel? adorable. The name will come to you. I never just pick out a cute name for any of my animals. I wait and you know what? they sometimes end up naming themselves.

    My yorkie (rocco) got a companion chiuahua mix that I so wanted to name Lola (:smile: but as hard as I tried it just didn't fit her. What fit was a kind of boring (but PERFECT Forher) name - Penny.

    Lovely pictures. Can't wait to see the white first!!