pics of duomo on?

  1. does anyone have pics of them carrying the duomo?
  2. Hi dokugaku.....I'll buy one tomorrow! - then I'll post pictures here :smile:
  3. OOoh I want to see too!
  4. I have one...I am going to find it and post it.
  5. Here is a picture with my stepdaughter modeling:
  6. Wow!!! Thanks Selena!! Looks so nice :smile: Can't wait to get one ;)
  7. thank yu sooooooo much selena! i went to lv yesterday to get the damier speedy..cuz i was debating over speedy 25 or the saleya MM..and then my SA showed me this bag and then i had to go back home and rethink again..ahha..cuz this bag is soooooooooo cute! maybe i should juss buy the duomo..hahah..i said i wouldnt give in to buy 2 or 3..cuz its my "last" bag until christmas..HAHA..-.-''
  8. omg, now i really have to get that bag. it's sooooo gorgeous. is there anything you don't like about it selena?
  9. Hi everyone :smile:)

    I bought it today - It' just perfect! - something is strange though. Mine do not have that brass ring in the end of the zipper ... My SA could not explain that .... maybe lv have change that detail??... My lv store are expected more in a couple af days, and if they get one with the ring she will call me...

  10. No I do love it completely. I feel sometimes its a bit wintery when its really hot and summertime...but that is it. My mum has the Damier Speedy and side by side there is NO comparison. The duomo looks so rich and elegant. Kind of like what the speedy wants to be when it grows up (no offense I am a speedy lover). KWIM?

    The handles are longer too, so it slides further up the arm. Its a fab bag. Worth the extra $$$.
  11. Ahhh. I really want this bag for my collection. Sooo pretty. Everytime I see it I want it :graucho:
  12. What a cute bag, I have soooo many bags on my list!
  13. Wow that is a fabulous bag!
  14. One more Duomo on picture :smile:

  15. Arrrgggggh!

    Great pic.

    I want that bag :nuts: