PICS of Days from BNY

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  1. These pics were sent to my Mom from Daphne. I can't be sure of the colors but I think they are from left to right, truffle, olive, forest green and cafe. Also there is blueberry.
    pic004.jpg pic005.jpg pic003.jpg pic006.jpg
  2. Closeups of the leather. Think this is cafe, truffle and olive but not sure. She didn't get pics of the Blue Ice, cornflower, pale pink, caramels or sage green. Also there is a turquoise coming in the spring that will be like blue india only brighter????:confused1: Anyone know what the name of this one is?
    pic000v2.jpg pic001.jpg pic002.jpg
  3. Hey powderpuff! These don't seem to be SS07 new colours - are they on sale? Or is Balenciaga re-releasing them?
  4. There are some '05's and early '06's. From what I understand, they got bags in from other stores that didn't sell in for that season. Daphne called my Mom and she got the olive and a truffle that Daphne said was TDF and Daphne isn't a fan of Truffle but she said this one is different, super thick, lighter, no veins, just really spectacular. I can't wait to see them. I want the olive and it was too late for me to call and see if they had more olives. Mom needs to be nice and and let me buy that one. :roflmfao: I already got a NO on that, so I will call in the AM and see if she has anymore nice '05 olives.
  5. geez, that blueberry looks beautiful! :drool:

    thanks for sharing pics powderpuff100
  6. ooo that OLIVE is great....really liking it...
  7. Sweet!
  8. Powder, thanks to you, because i got my 05 Olive Day from BalNY in Dec. after reading your post on PF while ago. :smile: It has the yummiest leather ever. :drool: Unfortunatelly it is on eBay right now to be sacrifised for my Cafe Day w/GH. Olive Green is the most gorgeous color.:yes:
  9. AWW powder Truffle is a gorgeous gorgeous colour! I wasn't too sure about it to start with but now I find that it goes with EVERY.SINGLE. piece of clothing in my wardrobe :yahoo:and i lurrrve it to bits! I'm sure your mom will love hers too :biggrin:
  10. I am not looking :whistle: , I am not drooling:drool: !!!;)
  11. that "olive" looks more like origan. "olive" was very dark, almost black in certain light, but with a lot of gold in it.
  12. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!
  13. I went and got them both. It's definitely olive because the tag inside says '05
  14. Pics please.:smile: yummy Olive.:drool: :drool: