Pics of dark purple and silver Coffers

  1. Bagpunk: I think a few people have photos of the silver coffer, but here's the purple too. It looks almost purpleish-black.

    My choices now are:

    1. brown (classic, but a little boring?)
    2. silver (a little too flashy but possible year-round use?)
    3. purple (very dark, almost black. Perhaps this is a lighter alternative to black leather?)
    silver coffer.jpg purple coffer.jpg
  2. If it's year round bag, I prefer the classic colors. Could be that I just can't pull off the flash of silver.. LOL! the purple looks very dark - could be good for year round, depending on your wardrobe? Nice choice!
  3. I just love the silver one.
  4. OOOH..that purple is intriguing!!! Thanx for the pics!!
  5. wow, that purple is black! i wonder if that is how it looks in real life...? if it is more magenta-ish purple then i think it is a nice alternative to black. i personally do not like blue-ish purple too much. but i am liking the silver. have been considering the silver spy but i think it has a competition now...
  6. that purple looks like dark brown but it's gorgeous either way.
  7. where can i get the silver one...?
  8. Both the Silver and Dark Plum/Purple Coffer are available at Miu Miu in New York. They also had black leather, black patent and white patent.

    Ask for Franklyn, 212-249-9660. He took photos and emailed them to me!
  9. wish i can see the silver leather in real life. how is it? i have to place special order for the dark plum with singapore miu miu. not sure i can be bothered waiting. do you know if NY still has silver and plum in stock?

    does franklyn have an email address? with the time difference of 12 hours, it can get a bit tricky trying to call. i kept on missing my time! thank you so much and congrats on deciding on a colour!
  10. I suggest calling and leaving a message with your email address and questions. I'm sure someone will respond.

    Franklyn was the one who OFFERED to take photos for me. The silver coffer is supposed to be very soft - but I think someone said that it metallic leather sometimes rubs off?

    This was the email that I received.
  11. Completely digging the purple one!:nuts:
  12. i am worried about the rubbing off of metalic leather too. anyone has a silver coffer who care to comment?
  13. i've been lurking around the miu miu threads over the last week since i joined - love all the comments!

    i just saw the plum coffer at the NM in san francisco and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! seriously considering this color (also love the ivory a lot but not as practical as i'm a mom to a 14 mo old boy).

    i've heard the plum color described as purple/black, and it certainly looks very dark in the photo in this thread...

    but honestly, i think it's more of a rich dark brown with a soft purple tint to it. not too purple - and more dark brown than black. it's a very versatile color and very rich looking. has more depth than a regular dark brown or black, IMO. i could see it matching almost anything.

    the only reason i might NOT get it is that it may not be a year-round color, may be a little too dark for summer... but i'm debating that right now.

    i didn't expect loving it before i went into NM, but fell in love with it when i saw it up close!!

    if i end up getting it, i'll post some pictures, hopefully with good lighting so the proper color will show up.
  14. they're both really nice! it's hard to choose... but i think i'm leaning a bit towards the silver

  15. Gotta say, your description has me sold on the purple. Since I tend to lean towards brown or black bags, this willl be a nice twist I think. Can't wait to see it IRL. Post some pics if you do get it!