Pics of coach 2 and 3

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  1. Will I always remember the order in which I got them? Will I be someday be saying "This was my 14th coach and this was my 20th?" lol

    Anyway, my little collection is growing! I got both in early March, but I've kept quiet until my sister could take pics for me. The wristlet came from Dillards. It had a pink ticket and I think the total was $55. I LOVED the silver, but I was really looking for a black one. Love it. And the swingpack is awesome! I have never felt so free while carrying a purse!! Both were birthday gifts and my chelsea satchel was a Christmas gift so I haven't even had to buy anything myself. I don't think I can talk anyone into getting me a Labor Day present, so the next one might be on me.

    Madison Lurex Capacity Wristlet
    Chelsea Optic Signature Satchel
    Heritage Stripe Swingpack

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  2. Very pretty congrats.
  3. Nice starter collection! I said I would only have two or three at a time, but here I am looking at bags 4 and 5 :nuts: shaking fist "darn you coach gods!!!!!"
  4. Nice collection. I only own 7 Coach items but I still remember in which order I bought them.
  5. very cute collection, chelsea. i'm up to Coachie #7 and i remember the order of them all! hehe.
  6. Great buys/gifts/collection! I love your color/style selections already! I have 17 coach bags with a few (4?) on the way and now I am starting to sell some on ebay and I have no idea which order I bought them in! I mean, I have a general idea but with shipping times and things sometimes you get ones you bought later shipped earlier and yeah... it's all a big blur but theyre all Coach just the same!
  7. Congrats! Love all your COACH items! :tup:
  8. that swingpack in THAT color is a so in love with it..sweet collection u got there!!
  9. Great stuff! :tup: Enjoy!
  10. Congrats, I love that wristlet!
  11. one of my friends has a swing pack and now can't imagine how she manage wen she always had to hold onto her purse... I'm glad you like it and the colors are gorgeous!
  12. Great collection! I love that swingpack!