Pics of Cles

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  1. Put up pictures of what your cles serves as, whether it be for keys, credit cards, or bag charms. :tup:
  2. cute thread!!! i will deffinately take pics tomorrow!
  3. [​IMG]


    The only pic I have handy of my 4 ronds; cerise, panda, groom and conte de fees ;)

  4. WOW TINK!!!!!

    im in cles heaven. as a matter of fact, in LV HEAVEN!! ;)

    it looks so great. I only have one cles. it really has lasted me quite a while and i dont baby my lvs. but i dont take them out to Baghdad either.

    anyway here is my baby. maybe ill get a new one soon.
    but i always feel like i need only one since i only use it to keep my essentials. My license, car registration and insurance, amex, and $25 (always) LOL.

  5. some of mine....
    i tuck them my keys don't scratch other things! i use cell phone lanyards to hold them. i've been doing that for over a year or's working out great!
    LTD japanese perle cles! =D
  6. sophia you have such great goodies. Im in :drool:
  7. I always love looking at Sophia's "stuff", in fact I have saved some of her pics on my computer. Gorgeous Bag btw. (missed that one)??

    Beautiful collection twinkletink!

    clearstatic, I have only one also, use it all the time...will have to post pics.
  8. My groom and perfo cles, which I use interchangeably for cash and coins (I keep my cards in a seperate holder)

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  9. I use mine for my work keys and inside I have my iPod shuffle and jump drive. My car keys, etc. is in m y 6 key holder.


  10. Here's my Pomme cles on my Damier Speedy 30:love:

    Attached Files:

  11. i sometimes carry my iPod shuffle there cuz i have the touch and whe battery dies in my touch i take out my PC:tup:
  12. hehehe.....thank you! :heart: i'm glad i mixed some colors....sometimes i have all mono stuff in my bag and makes it look......BROWN. :supacool:

    AAAaaah, what a compliment!!!! thank you!!!:love::heart: you silly lady you! ((hugs));) i wish we could have a playdate at LV!!!:lol: so i don't have to give my daughter a big bag of candies to keep her quiet for the 10min i need....!! lol
  13. Is a pochette cles considered as a pochette too?
  14. I have tons of pics in the Cles Club thread, but here they all are again. I use my Cles for anything really, I like attaching them to my Agendas, but the one that gets most use is the Damier Cles attached to my Damier Koala Agenda - together they're my wallet, quick-reference diary, notebook and address book! I use my Damier Agenda GM as my 'proper' diary, and have a Cherry Blossom Cles attached to that, I put stamps, hairbands, guitar picks inside it. My Cerises Ronde lives in the front of my Congo PM. The Groom and Perfo Cles' I've since sold, but I love how they look with the red Epi Agenda MM!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. More..

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]