Pics of Clay shoulder bag (I hope!!)

  1. OKay - let me know if this works - my first time posting pics on this forum!!

    I didn't take the packaging off since I"m 99% sure I"m going to exchange... but at least you can see the color.


  2. I can see why they call it clay! It's nice, but if that is not what you were expecting then you should switch!
  3. wow, I :heart::heart::heart: it. But I guess if you were expecting brown it would be quite a disappointment! I am :drool: over here. Is it the same size as the old shoulder bag?
  4. that looks like clay to me!
  5. That is a beautiful bag. It is the shoulder zip though not the shoulder bag. The color is lovely but if you don't like it you should exchange it for another color or another bag.
  6. hey you did a great job with posting pics! yay for you! i remember mines came out so big and everything ha ha ha, that's cuss i didn't follow directions.
    yeah, the name is the bag is understandable :smile:
  7. I love it, but if you aren't happy, definitely exchange it for something else. I understand why you'd be in shock when expecting brown though.
  8. I think it's a pretty color. But if it's not what you expected I would probably exchange it. Let us know what you decide.
  9. It's a beautiful color, but definately NOT brown! :smile:

    I love it, personally.
  10. Yes, it is the same size - I set it next to my khaki/ebony one and it seemed to be the same!!

    It is a really pretty color, and makes more sense to be gray rather than brown, but after the catalog pics I was just expecting the brown!!
  11. i can't see it =(
  12. OMG it's gorgeous!!!
    what bag are you exchanging it for?
  13. :wtf: :nuts: :tup: OH MY GOODNESS!!

    Thanks for posting pics!! I :heart: this bag!! I hope I love it as much IRL.... I've been wanting a gray bag, and this bag looks so cute!!! :yahoo:

    Is the bag you ordered fairly small though?? I wonder if I could fit all my stuff in it. I'm wanting a different style then the Shoulder Bag, but I'm not wanting to go larger, because of the weight...
  14. Oooh, i love it! What a fantastic bag! I'm sure it will be delicious in other colours too. What are you thinking of exchanging it for? How much is this style?
  15. I LOVE it!!!! I never know which bag to wear when I have on a gray hoodie or shirt, and this would be perfect! I'd love to see some more pics if you have a chance!