Pics Of Chocolate

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: IT'S here and I :heart: it!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Modeling pic! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  3. Cute! Yummy bag.
  4. Very cute! It looks fab on you!
  5. Very nice, and the kitty too! :smile:

  6. Beautiful !!! My chocolate ergo hobo is my fav. bag so far !!!! You will LOVE her !!!
  7. haha I have never seen that site before, my cats don't get in our sinks, weird !
  8. YAY! :yahoo: I am SO excited and so glad you love her! :yahoo: Yours looks SO much better than mine!!! I love her too, I can't wait to get this one returned and hopefully find a new one on eBay!!!! :yes:
  9. Soooo pretty!!! I just love that bag, I really think the ergo looks fantastic in chocolate signature.
  10. Thanks!! That is a cute website. I can't seem to take a pic wirhout one of my 2 cats getting in the picture.:smile:
  11. Fields, thanks I do :heart: this purse...I may even like it better than the Carly. I was afraid that for some reason I wasn't going to get this because of it being sold out at JAX.
    I haven't checked to see if you posted pics of yours yet. I want to see your chocolate ergo. I am sorry it was't what you expected.
  12. Thanks... I am already falling in :heart: with both the chocolate and the style :yes:!!!
  13. The chocolate is sooooooo pretty! I absolutely love this bag. She looks great on you, congrats :tup:
  14. Oh yay! I am sooo glad you love it!!!! That is always a bummer when we are anticipating the arrival of a new bag and then it is not the one we love. :tdown: Yeah, I am bummed but hopefully it will all work out. I know what you mean, it is soo cute and simple and light and easy.. I really think I am going to love this bag! It is totally different than my legacy bags, but that is a good thing! :tup: I will post pics right now! :yes: