pics of chanel spring-summer 07 shoes/bags

  1. saw these in the vogue collection magazine. thought u guys might like to see :drool:

    posted other collections in the other forums too. if u want to see.

  2. That ball bag shown in the lower left intrigues me. But I think it's hand held, unfortunately. Some of the shoes look hard to wear.
  3. Thanks so much for the eye candy!
  4. thanks for the pics! i love the bags in the middle of the third row.

  5. Me too!
  6. oooh i really like the center bag on the 2nd to last row. :drool:

    thanks for sharing these with us!
  7. thank you so much for sharing!
  8. thanks for sharing
  9. Oooh! Definitely eye-candy!!! :drool: It seems funkier though than your typical chanel lines, but maybe I just don't know better.
  10. love the bags!!!

    I heard there's a bag with a loads of double Cs on it the one in the middle of the second pic?
  11. the shoes are quite special.
  12. Interesting. I like the colorful looking clutches
  13. Ooh I love the one on the bottom left corner.
  14. thks for sharing..cute stuff