Pics of Chanel madness

  1. I have a bottle on its way and I wanted to see what it actually looks like on someones hands.
  2. i got mine a week ago, i would say it's very very similar to the Vamp #18
  3. that's a really pretty color.
  4. i just got madness, noir ceramic and bengal..and now i am lemming for blanc ceramic..i am not sure if it's worth getting? any advice girls?!?!TIA...
  5. ^^not familar with bengal? is it a nail polish color? If you like light colors you will like blanc ceramic, plus it's an limited edition, and eventually will be gone. So, if you can get your hands on it, I would go for it. When chanel released their 2007 nail polsih line, I stocked up on all of the new ones, and I'm glad I did!! If you like pink Allegoria is a good one (also new in their 2007 spring line).
  6. ^bengal is also a nail polish shade
    oh thanks..will definitely get the blanc ceramic, and allegoria.
  7. I wasn't really in love with Madness when I tried it on so I got Vamp instead. I also am still on the quest of finding noir ceramic. They're sold out everywhere!
  8. Did you get your bottle of madness yet? Curious what you think of it!
  9. I got it today but haven't tried it yet. I love the color in the bottle, we'll see when I have time to actually use it.