*Pics* of Chanel "Ceramic Noir"...

  1. Hey all!

    I thought I'd take pics of the Chanel "Ceramic Noir" to help out anyone that was wondering how it looked on. In the pics I have 2 coats on. HTH!;)



  2. It looks great.
  3. I Just got it and LOVE it. Your mani looks amazing

  4. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!:yes:

    Aww,:smile: Thanks sooooo much!!!!!!!!:flowers: OMG, Ya I love it too!!!!!!:heart:
  5. Wow, your nails looks so fabulous!!!!! Love 'em.
  6. Looks great... I'd love to try this color for myself, never gone this dark- but i bet it would look fab :shame:
  7. Oh I like it a lot! Where can I buy it? Does Nordstrom and those places have it, correct?
  8. wow. i looks great on you!

    so i guess black nail polish is still in.. :idea:
  9. :flowers: Thanks Everyone!!!!:flowers:
  10. Thank You!!!!!!!:yes: Ya, I bought mine online from Nordstroms a wk. before Xmas. You can also ck. NM, Saks, Macys, BergdorfGoodman online, and Chanel.

    HTH!! :yes: Good Luck!!!!!! ;)
  11. I check NM Nordys Saks and BG online and none have the cermaic noir, at least yesterday. I wanted an extra bottle so i went to Bloomingdales in Studio City and they said they sold out in a day so i went into macys and on whim and they had one left in the case! all were sold out but i said can i have that one? And isnce it wasnt used she sold it to me. and the SA was so sweet because she checked the save drawer and there was one more on hold that someone never picked up and then she said, oh by the way I just found this Black satin that has been on hold for months. would you like this too? I said YES YES YES! WOOT black satin. I never was able to get my hands on a bottle before and I refused to pay a hundred bucks on Ebay although i just might sell my two extra Noir ceramics. By the way the Blanc ceramic is nothing new from essie or OPI BUT the ALLEGORIA is GORGEOUS as is the MADNESS color. both are so pretty.
  12. Great color! Great manicure! Just the right length for dark nails.
  13. Thank You so much!!!!!!:smile:

    I keep seeing so many celebs w/ short black nails I figured I had to get me some black polish, QUICK LOL!!!!!! I always keep my nails short...so I figured "Why not??" LOL!!:p
  14. Great manicure! I love this color. I just picked mine up at Bloomies in White Plains, NY. Although it was a phone order to my SA from over a week ago it looked like they still had quite a few bottles of both black and white in the counter.
  15. Looks great!