Pics of Chanel accessory from my SA!

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  1. My SA sent me pics and thought will share them w/ everyone:smile:. If anyone is interested, call Lisa (248-6358442).

  2. Thank you! I love so many of them!
  3. thank you so much, i love when i can window shop from my comp
  4. Thanks for posting!
  5. Thanks for the eye candy. I really like that black & pearl necklace.
  6. the earring in the first photo also come in orange shade, reversble, the other side will be black & a round orange circle w/CC in it. Super cute, but I can't shread 500 bucks for it :sweatdrop:
  7. Do you know how much that pink flower pin is?
  8. ^^I like that too, and there was another pin, with a handprint on it that is similar.

    I noticed that Personalshoppers is selling the pearl necklace for over $900 right now.
  9. I picked up the Small Patent Zip wallet (in black) the other day at the NM 2 buy 2 sale! It was $550-ish
  10. I like the single pearl with the tiny cc next to it. What the heck is with the hugh plastic black cc necklace? Looks like something Flava Flav would wear. Unless it just the photo that makes it look so large. tacky!
  11. I actually have the little pink ring on the far right. It is really cute IRL!!

  12. No one knows the price of the pink brooch
  13. wow how much is the large CC necklace for thats in the first pic?
    thanks :smile:
  14. the hoops with the cc in them are so cute as well
  15. FijiBuni, I don't know how much the price for the pink brooch is. maybe, you can call Lisa and ask for the price.