PICS of Central Park scarf

  1. here is the green one....
    overall.jpg overall1.jpg overall2.jpg overall3.jpg overall4.jpg
  2. more of the green....
  3. and of the blue...
    blue.jpg blue1.jpg blue2.jpg blue3.jpg blue4.jpg
  4. more blue
    blue5.jpg blue6.jpg blue7.jpg
  5. Ooh, I really like this one. Thanks for the pics!
  6. I liked the green at first glance but looking at the pics I like the blue too. will be a tough choice!
  7. Both are extremely pretty! Esp the blue one! I love it!
  8. I'm not a green person at all -- my skin is kind of olive so I'm very picky about greens. But the nice thing about the blue colorway is that it's somewhat green, too, but not as green as the green one. At least on my screen...
  9. Beautiful. I love the blue one.

    GG, you're building up quite a scarf collection. Hurray for those of us in love with your action pics!
  10. Beautiful!! I love the blue one. I think I see "Pale Male" in the design, too!
  11. the green scarf has more greens blended thru out the scarf

    and the "blue" scarf has more of the items colored in their natural colors....the birds have redish in them and butterflies are colored in, etc
  12. OK.....stupid question, I know but.......Madison or Wall Street stores??? I need one of these beauties.......absolutely!
  13. Lovely scarves to add to you ever-growing collection!!
  14. :girlsigh: I want one! Too bad I'm nowhere near NY...