Pics of cell phone accessories in action??

  1. Could you ladies please help me! I would appreciate greatly any pictures! Thanks:p
  2. Bumping! ;)
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I actually have the "conversation hearts" (like the candy!) cell phone charm, but I can't get it on my phone! :crybaby:
  5. Here ya go!

  6. firewalker: You know the french hook wire type of earrings? Squish the end of the lanyard loop together, start to push it under the little plastic piece on your cell phone that's meant for the lanyard, and then use the end of the earring hook to catch the loop and pull it through. I mean any small, pointy object should work, but the french hooks are thinner than a regular stud earring, longer (so they're easier to use), and won't scratch your phone like a safety pin or needle would. Good luck getting it on there!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Hey Jewelssss! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that! Then I will have to learn how to post a pic! :confused1:
  9. It's hard to see but here's a picture of my cellphone with the crimson/khaki sig lanyard and my mp3 player with the black sig lanyard.

  10. My fruit lanyard!

  11. never really considered a lanyard for my phone but these pics may have me changing my mind, luv em all, esp. the fruit one. it would go good with my pnk sliver

  12. OMG too cute!!:nuts:
  13. ^^Thank you!^^


  14. do u find that the metal fruits scratch your phone @ all? or do u wory about them cracking your screen ?? :smile: thx
  15. here you go!
    pictures 011small.jpg