Pics of broken in Venetas

  1. I tried on a carmino veneta in August and passed on it because I didn't like the way it looked on me. I didn't know the veneta had to be broken in. I'm jonesin' for venetas in white and ebano; I'm also trying to justify a veneta in oceano (that would make 4 blue bags). Could you all post pics of your broken in venetas. Help me get over my veneta-phobia.
  2. here you go! my broken in medium veneta in ebano!:girlsigh:
    BAGS 502.jpg BAGS 505.jpg BAGS 748.jpg BAGS 750.jpg
  3. My broken in rivet veneta!
    DSCF0812.JPG DSCF0794.JPG
  4. I definitely prefer the broken in look as well. The slouchier, squishier the better!
  5. hi abi319, your broken in veneta is so gorgeous... i hope that with more use, mine will mould to me like yours does, it's absolutely fabulous!

    and syma, i love how your rivet veneta has turned out looking really quite fabulous considering it's previous state. it makes me want to go out and get one but they are now so rare i only get to see them on tpf.

    so bprimuslevy, feeling better about venetas already? the are iconic bv and once you've owned one you will understand why. they mould to you when you break them in and get smoother and smooshier!
  6. ah, pics of slouchy BV leather is such a treat!
  7. bprimuslevy, I did the same thing, passed on a veneta because of how it looked new. My issue is the zipper; it feels stiff and bulges oddly when the bag is new. But looking at everyone's action pics, it looks like the veneta slouches nicely once it is broken in.
  8. Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

    Thanks for the pics abi and syma.
  9. Great pics! :tup:

    I honestly believe ALL BV bags just look much BETTER after they've been broken in, which is the opposite of most other brands.
  10. Great pics! I can't wait for my BV's to be broken in and as squishy and lovely as all these :love:
  11. Syma, your rivet veneta is TDF! Thanks for pics you post.
  12. Reviving the thread!

    As it's been almost 2 years, has everybody's bags been thoroughly broken-in? Let's see pics of your slouchy BVs!