Pics of Black Reissue with Black HW?

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  1. I'm planning to buy a new bag soon and I have been eyeing on this one. I tried doing a search but nothing really comes up. Does anyone have pics of the black reissue with black hw? Matte or metallic? Also, does anyone know where I could purchase this? Thanks in advance.:heart:
  2. Hi Sunny,
    I think I saw one at NM in San Francisco yesterday.I can't remember if it was black with BH or SH but call and ask for Pauline. She should be able to help you. If she can't help you, please call Cari at the Chanel boutique in SF. I remember her saying on Friday that there are two more metallic black with BH in the company. Here's a couple of pictures of the metalic black with BH. I can't remember if they carried the matte black with BH. Happy searching!


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