Pics of BH and others from my collection!

  1. Finally, I am posting pics of some of my LVs! Here are some from my collection:

    BH, CB Cles and White MC Pochette Accessories:


    Juicy Pomme Cles:

  2. Here's more:

    Manhattan PM (excuse my outfit, I was having a stay-at-home mommy day):



    Missing from pics are my Speedy 30, Denim Baggy PM and Groom Agenda. Will post those later.

    Thanks for looking!
  3. Great collection! :tup:
  4. Very nice, thanks for posting the pics!
  5. Very nice, I like all of them.
  6. thanks for posting the pics ! you have a great collection :tup:
  7. great collection!! love them all
  8. That's a very nice collection!
  9. the manhattan pm is just so beautiful! you have such a great collection! :smile:
  10. Lovely collection, thanks for sharing!
  11. Stunning Collection! :drool:

    LVOE the MC Pochette and CB Cles ..... so beautiful.
  12. wonderful collection :smile: thanks for sharing.
  13. nice collection
  14. Very nice collection!
  15. I love your pics! Great collection!