**PICS** of Bergdorf's Chanel Spring/Summer 07 Lookbook

  1. Ok guys....drumroll...they are here! Pics that were sent from my SA at Bergdorf in NY of the Chanel 2007 Spring/Summer Lookbook

    BIG thanks to OnyxBear :heart: for making these accessible to us:

    Here they are!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. AH OMG! Chanelgasim!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!
  3. Thank you so much for posting pics!
  4. Soft chain bag=JILLS BAG!! LOL!
  5. thanks for posting! i really all of them haha
  6. Thank you shmoo you are the:queen:
  7. Thanks for the pics! I love the lookbooks in color! I'm def wanting that new red lambskin flap with the new chain!!! Act 2 looks much better than Act 1
  8. That's what my SA said the other day.
  9. AWESOME! Thanks sooo much for posting! :nuts:
  10. I also..love the green!! Don't know why but i do!
  11. Is the Madison the same as the Rock and Chain bag? I do love it in white.
  12. how come the Act 1's don't have the pricing?

    Anyone know how much that white expandable is?????

    Anyone? Please?:wtf: :confused1:
  13. wow, thanks for posting!!
    i love seeing all the bags in color. the lucky charms are so cute!
  14. I am loving that expandable bag and the 50's bag.

    Thanks for posting.
  15. Thank you for posting!