Pics of Bay Bags Please!!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Would you guys be so kind to post pics of you wearing your bay bag?? I am contemplating buying one but cant find a good pic of someone actually wearing it?

    thanks so much in advance!!
  2. Here you go- it isn't a great picture but you get the idea of how it rests against your body and fits easily on the shoulder!!!
  3. gorgeous jag! i want a moka one but it seems like its impossible to get hold of... will the bag 'flop' eventually? coz i knoe it can stand on its own when its new
  4. Jag. It's absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Thanks ladies!
  6. Here is a pic with the Bay. I am 5'3" so it might seem bigger than it is. I feel it is a big bag but not too big.. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the Bay but I took her to Sicily for a week and I just love her! The Bay is a great travel bag (my gosh you can fit a lot in it!) and everyday bag IMO, plus it is beautiful looking and the leather is so yummy! I am a happy girl!
  7. I should add that I am 5'1" so you have an idea of the proportions of the bag. It is gorgeous IRL~~~

  8. Is this the medium or large Bay Satchel?
  9. It is Olive color bay.
    I think it is very rare color.
    Picture 370.jpg
  10. Ooh!!! That olive is stunning!!! ^^^
  11. Katieboo's bag is a camel medium size bay
  12. Hi Madiandcindy, here is my bay bag- same one as Katieboo's.