Pics of Balenciaga's with silver GH !!! >>>

  1. I completely forgot that I had these pics for approx 2 months or more. My gf knows someone who can buy Balenciaga's at cost (not anymore though) and she emailed me these pic to choose one from. I didn't want any at the time but I'm showing the pics to you now!!!

    Sorry for not remembering sooner :wlae:

    Someone please enlarge these puppies. I don't know what the correct colour names for them or some of the correct style names but you get an idea!!!

    Enjoy!!!! :supacool:

    note the yellow and purple bag colours either side of the white one...
    redsilver.jpg greensilver.jpg greenclutchsilver.jpg yellow.jpg bluesliver.jpg
  2. OMG! Ocean w/ Silver is HOT!

    I'm enlarging them:


    This is the SPHERE: pine; marigold







  3. Holy smokes, girl. You've been holding out on us!!!!
  4. OMG!!!! I'm in trouble!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. I love the marigold color and the violet! Ahh, I might have to start a Bbag collection soon!!
  6. WOW! The Violet looks AMAZING! Jaune looks more yellow than I was thinking!:yahoo: YEAH!!:yahoo: Thanks for the pics!
  7. OMG they look fabulous. What great pictures.

  8. Aren't they wonderful!!! This totally made my day!:yahoo:
  9. Oh my!!! I wasn't even interested in the jaune until these pics! Thanks so much!!
  10. It hit me like a lightening bolt at work today:

    I muttered at my desk today: 'OMG I should post these pics on TPF later' :shocked:
  11. What style do you think the white (ivory) bag is?
  12. Thanks incoralblue for coming to the rescue!!
  13. Cracker, the Rouge with SGH is going to look HOT in the flap clutch! Isn't that what you are down for? What else are you planning on getting after these pics?
    INC, the Ocean Work with SGH is breath taking but I thought Ocean was going to be a deeper brighter color.:confused1:
  14. We couldn't wait to see the Fall colors and you had them all along? :wtf: They're gorgeous, :nuts: all of them! They are worth waiting for! :drool: Thanks for giving us a preview.:yahoo:
  15. Doesn't that shape/style of the GRAPE look familiar...


    Hmm...maybe there IS a STEP bag and a Stepping out? OMG! So much suspense it's killing me.