Pics of Bailey the Chihuahua...solo, soon to have a sister!

  1. Ok, maybe this is kinda doggie obsessive, but I just wanted to post pics of my little Chi, Bailey. Isn't she spoiled??? She does not really wear the LV Pastilles charm, I just thought it was too cute. I just bought the camo doggie sling today. I am still torn about getting her a sister...two dogs to spoil to death!!:p
    DSC00339.jpg DSC00340.jpg DSC00341.jpg DSC00342.jpg DSC00343.jpg
  2. Aaaw, she's a cutie:love: And I love the pic of her with the pastilles charm - it looks really good on her :yes:
  3. What a beautiful sweetheart! Looks like you love her very much.
  4. What a gorgeous baby!!! How does she like the sling?
  5. She is snug as a bug in it. The whole lining is super fluffy and soft. The only thing they could improve on with it is that the shoulder strap should be padded. Bailey is only 5 lbs. and the strap hurts a little.
  6. hehe it's so cute!! My chi's weigh more than that, so I think I will pass on the sling in that case.
  7. Too cute.
  8. Aww, she is so cute!! I love the doggy bed.
  9. what a cute chi.
  10. What a love!! Sooo cute!!
  11. So adorable! Thanks for sharing!