Pics of Bags Accessorized?

  1. I did a few searches for threads with pictures of your Coach bags and how you've accessorized them with charms and/or scarves...nothing came up but a blank screen. Does such a thread exist already? If not...I'd love to see pics of how you've accessorized your bags, ladies! Thanks! :love:
  2. Great idea for a thread! Here's a couple of pics I already have of my bags w/things on them. My whiskey shoulder bag w/ponytail scarf and and my plum shoulder bag w/charms.
    new goodies.JPG whiskey shoulder bag.JPG
  3. None of my bags are accessorizied yet, but when the heart scarf comes out in Feb, I'm buying it for my red leather tote.
  4. No bags for me yet, but I sure do like that plum shoulder bag.
  5. group charms and bal first grey.jpg
    I just sold the clover but here it is for reference. I LOVE the flipflop and lips! I'm glad I listened to you ladies!!
  6. Hi, I just wanted to say that I really like the way you tied that Legacy
    Pony tail scarf on your shoulder bag. It really looks great!
  7. my patent tote with lurex picture key fob and moon charm.

    black lunch tote with moon charm (and trigger key fob in silver)

  8. deweydrop your moon charm is oh so darling!
  9. LOVE the way you decorated your whiskey shoulder bag Willowsmom- I think you might have inspired me to do the same!:yes:
  10. Heres a few I've posted before.
  11. Dewey I love that blue bag!!!!!!!!
  12. Those are all really cute, everyone!

    Here's my contribution...
    1) My whiskey shoulder bag with my flower and "K" charms:

    Shoulder bag with charms 1.jpg

    2) Shoulder bag with my owl and brown sig picture frame keyfobs (I've since moved the owl to my gallery tote and the picture frame fob to my keyring):

    Legacy with keyrings.jpg

    2) My khaki/gold swingpack with the same flower/K charms:

    Swingpack with charms 2.jpg

    3) My brown/brass gallery tote with owl keyfob:

    Gallery tote 1.jpg
  13. omg, that owl keyfob is too fricking adorable!
  14. Thanks! I get so many compliments on it, even from the SAs at the Coach store.
  15. I love the owl! I almost bought it, but didn't :sad: