Pics of Baby/Mini Nuage Paddy & (Small) but Growing Family!

  1. Hey everybody!

    Just got in my baby Nuage Paddington I got on sale from Sabine's & wanted to share pics because I know some on the thread have been asking about the baby lately! The pics were too large to post here, so they are on the site below! I'm in :love:
  2. very pretty! looks great on you! :smile:
  3. Wow!!! Very pretty on you!! Love it!
  4. thanks! I am tickled to death with the baby/mini...its just the right size! :heart:
  5. It looks gorgeous, both your paddies are, and it looks awesome on you too. Nuage is a really beautiful paddy colour and it looks great in the mini size. Congratulations on a fab new bag.
  6. Such an elegant baby to join your sophisticated collection - many congratulations!