Pics of avocado green butane jane

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  1. HEY girls,,, heres my green butane!!! isn't she HOTTTT!!! im in love,,, shes so big and lightweight and easy to carry.


  2. It looks totally hot on you! That is a beautiful mirror btw!
  3. I absolutely love this bag and it does look great on you!!
  4. Beautiful Butane Jane in Avocado Green. She looks beautiful on you as well! Congrats!
  5. Holy camoly you have legs for days! Love the bag and love the mirror!!!!!
  6. thanx tano babes,,, glad you like her,, & my mirror was done w/ mod podge,, really great stuff.
  7. Ooh, beautiful!!
  8. That bag looks incredible on you! Gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. just1morebag- thanks for posting pics of the butane jane. these are the first modeling pics I've seen and I really like that bag! Initially, I thought maybe she would be too big but, she doesn't look as big as the HH corc. Love!
  10. Ok, I LOVE that bag. I didn't love the stock pictures, but IRL it is JUST GORGEOUS!
  11. Great bag and it looks fab on you. Now you're a Tano Hottie too :smile:
  12. i CAN haz photo of you wiz bag using shoulder strap, plz?
  13. That bag looks great on you and not overwhelming at all!
  14. It's gorgeous! I like the peace charm on it too!
  15. That is a great bag!! Especially in that color combo! She also look amazing on you!! Do you have anything in the bag in that photo?