pics of Aqua Giant brief!! =D

  1. i JUST got them!! here's sharing them with everyone!! :yahoo:

    does the leather look veiny? dry or something..? coz I'm not sure how a good, smooshy, etc leather is supposed to look like... so i'm counting on your expertise!! thanks!! :smile:
    Aqua GH brief 1.jpg Aqua GH brief 2.jpg Aqua GH brief 3.jpg Aqua GH brief 4.jpg Aqua GH brief  5.jpg

    Definitely a keeper! Love the leather :yahoo:
    Wait til you start using it and the leather gets softer and softer.
  3. Wow, looks absolutely scrumiousss!
  4. Your new bag looks fabulous :nuts: Congrats!! :yahoo:

    And I think the leather looks great. It looks very thick and smooshy already but incoralblue is right - it will get even better with use :love:
  5. WOW so gorgeous. I love aqua and the color on yours is fabulous. I think it's a keeper. If it feels dry lube it, if not let it soften upo naturally. It you think it's too veiny mositurizing it will soften the appearance of the veins, but I think it looks great like it is. Congratulations! Very pretty.:yahoo:
  6. it is absolutely amazing!!! love it!! its a bit veiny just like my aqua work but it looks stunning..congrats!
  7. [​IMG]

    :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats for ur new purchase....wat a beauty esp in GH.......enjoy her:drool:
  8. I Love This Color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Bag!!!!!
  9. Beautiful! It actually looks a lot less veiny than the GH city I just returned... for a smoother bag! I think it looks great!
  10. OMG...your bag is so GORGEOUS.
  11. YUMMY!

    Modelling pics plz!

    When I do go back to buying in 2008, I think a Breif will be the first one I get!
  12. Thanks guys!! =D I'll post pics of the bag being carried so you can see how big it is..

    thanks incoral!! =) and thx celia for biggyfying the pics!! =D
  13. :yahoo: Beautiful! Congrats
  14. Wow shes a beauty, definately a keeper and lovely leather! Congrats!
  15. Oooo...GORGEOUS!!!! i LOVE the color, congratulations!!:yahoo::yahoo: