Pic's of any gold coach bags Please

  1. I have a really pretty silver coach bag its a pocket flap I think it was $498 from about a year or 2 ago but now I feel the need :O) to have a gold bag does anyone have pic's of a gold coach bag or can recommend one thanks so very much
  2. Here are some pictures from eBay for you to enjoy!
    2501004200518080_1.jpg 3000976579768080_1.jpg 1300960975368080_1.jpg 2000962702628080_1.jpg 1501088516248080_1.jpg
  3. Oh I see something I like that pleated hobo. I have the legacy signature one. But for some reason I felt the need to go all gold LOL
  4. have you seen the madison clutch?
  5. Gold dusted suedes are really nice. This is 3665.
  6. I have this Zoe clutch and Mini Skinny:

  7. OH my gosh I have a silver one just like it I'd Kill for it in gold going to eBay to search right now :O)
  8. LOVE your zoe and coin purse Kristan.
  9. I love those lips on the cell phone sooo cute...:heart:
  10. [​IMG]

    I have a couple more I don't have pics of.
  11. I must admit that gold is a beautiful color for a Coach Bag. Inch37, once you decided on which gold bag please post.

    Everyones gold bags for lovely!
  12. I bought the fifth one down (8B20)the coach gold hobo it should be here today I hope I didn't pay too much I paid $235 gosh all those gold purses I sooo want to come over and play :O)
  13. Birch Run Outlet had a great gold satchel the other day. It was beautiful - I agree - gold is a great color for Coach!
  14. The satiny gold hamptons hobo? :o
    I got mine for like $70 at the outlet but my ex burned it with a cig. Not too bad, but there's a little black streak on it :'(
  15. Ohh I love the zoe clutch and the mini skinny!