pics of amarante phone strap?

  1. anyone please post pics of amarante phone strap....i am in between of a pomme or the amarante. could not decide at this moment since i haven't seent the amarante IRL. so.. many thx if anyone has purchased already..what color should i get? i always want the pomme since i missed the chance back in Feb. so.. should i go for the pomme??

    p.s (my store only received the perle and i checked it out the other way. it looks super cute, but i am afraid it will get dirty very easily. so, i turned it down)
  2. I think there is an "animated" picture of the vuitton website...

    Just checked. Maybe I was wrong, can't find it...
  3. I've just put it in the summary thread tonight click "october" in my sig then go to the last page
  4. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Got these pictures from sophia618's thread below:

    -----> eye candy!!! enjoy :heart::heart::heart: <-----
  5. Wow pretty but looks black!
  6. thx Diva and sophia618's thread. i made up my mind.. hahah..:yahoo:
  7. Awesome - it's sooo gorgeous !
  8. It's gorgeous. It's my favorite out of them all.
  9. Your Welcome! :heart:

    So .... which one do you plan on getting? :graucho:
  10. I love this phone strap. I have it my shopping cart at elux. I just need to hit the complete order button.
  11. Yes, definitely get it. It is way too gorgeous to pass up.


    *HeHe* :devil:
  12. I have this but will be returning it. My SA sent it to me when she sent me my Trevi, for some reason thinking I had wanted it. I have the iPhone and it doesn't have a place for the phone strap. Love the color of it though. =)
  13. i am getting the pomme.. the amarante is definitely too dark for my taste. at first, i thought it will be dark purple under the light. after seeing the pics. um... have to go for the pomme. But, i just ordered my new phone, LG prada. don't know whether there is a place for the strap.. urgh... anyone knows??
  14. Yeah, I saw the Amarante Phone Strap in person and it was so dark I thought it was Black.

    So good choice on picking the Pomme Phone Strap .... the color is so stunning! :tup:
  15. i have just seen the phonestraps IRL today... the amarante one definitely looks dark !! personally i like the pomme... it is really sweet