Pics of all the loot!

  1. Ranskimmie inspired me to get un-lazy! Here are pics of my collection: Everything except the punch stripe wristlet I just got. I'm going to take a pic inside the multi-stripe demi the next time I carry it so everyone can see what I'm talking about as far as being able to fit my sunglasses, cell phone and all my other stuff in it so well.

    I've posted this in the coach collection thread, too. I think I'm done buying for a while. Well, except for crimson signature stripe accessories for my new bag. I'm about to get a new digicam because this 4 megapixel Polaroid SUCKS! Any suggestions for an affordable digital camera with good focusing? Anywhoo.... yeah, here are mah loves! :love: :yahoo:



  2. Hmmm Nice bags, but who is the guy in the heart pic???
  3. Oh man those pictures gave me a headache. They don't do your beauties justice =(
    But on the bright side, nice stuff razor!

    I love the crimson tote.
    You may have inspired me to look for one myself.

    Here's to many more. *cheers*
  4. Heehee :love: that's my fiancee. Isn't he a doll? :love: :love:



    TELL ME ABOUT IT! I want a new digital camera so bad. So no more coach for now till I get one-- I may get one after work today with birthday money. Any recommendations for a good camera?
  5. Nice loot! I love those scarves! :smile:
  6. Cute, I like that scarf just to the left of the legacy one. Great collection!
  7. Go for the Canon S3 (12x optical zoom). A bit cheaper is the Canon S2 (same zoom). for the money they get great reviews

    Great coach stuff, too!
  8. I love the scarfs too!! Very nice collection.
  9. All depends.
    What's your budget?
    What kind of camera are you looking for?

    Do you want a DSLR that you can take professional like pictures with?

    Or do you want a non-DSLR camera you can throw in a Coach case and carry in your bag?
    I'm assuming you want a simple digital camera that will take high resolution pictures.
    I'd go for this:

    It's by Canon which is VERY reputable and as far as I know it has the largest viewfinder you'll find on a PAS. The price is a bit steep to some, but I think it's worth it because it's Canon and they stand behind their products.
  10. Woe is much pretty stuff...

    I have a Casio Exilim which I love!! It's my 2nd one. My first one died on a trip abroad on february oflast year and hubby got me the new one for Valentines.
  11. I was actually looking at a Canon Powershot A540 6MP camera at Sam's. I want something I can throw in a Coach case and carry in my bag ;) I have a non-digital Rebel Eos XS for my professional photography and I :heart: it. I'm a Canon girl too, will definitely check out the SD700! Thank you!!
  12. I should've mentioned I bought this one because I was looking for a very small, thin camera to carry in my purse... so many times I wanted to take a pic in a store. It's my 4th camera though and if it were my only one I wouldn't be as happy with it. This one was the right size, right price and had amazing reviews. (My other three are Canon, Nikon and Konica-Minolta.)
  13. Pretty much any Canon will be great. I love mine, a610 or 620 can't remember off the top of my head. It's basically the same as the a540 except it's got more settings and has a flip out screen. I do have trouble with close ups sometimes, but that is only because there are so many damn settings! I wish I had gotten an SD series though. Definitely check out the SD600. For point and shoot, you really don't need more than 5 or so megapixels, unless you plan on printing out huge 16x20+ photos.