Pics of a Total Cutie!!!!!!!!!!

  1. This is my next door neighbor's golden retreiver, Desi. He is only 8 months old. I am his nanny and baby sit him when his mom has to work out of the home 1 day a week, so he isn't in his crate all day. He likes to come over and see my 12 year old chocolate lab mix but he gives her quite a workout. He's a big goofball giant puppy!

  2. WOW!!! so georgeous.!
  3. OMG! What a sweet baby!!! I love Goldens :love: Thanks for sharing!
  4. Aaaw what a cutie:love:
  5. He really is a cutie! And how nice of you to baby sit him. I'm sure he enjoys being with you!
  6. Goldens have so much personality! Can't imagine all the energy he must have--thanks for the pics!
  7. He is a cutie alright!!!

    I have a few girls who would LOVE to meet him!!! ;)
  8. so sweet!
  9. He is beautiful! I love Goldies!! Thanx for the pics!
  10. I love SIL has one and she is a wonderful dog. They are sooooo cute!!!! I just want to hug him!
  11. i love goldens!~ They're so full of energy and they're so sweet! Love them.
  12. What a cutie!
  13. He looks so sweet, it would be great to see a pic of him and your lab together!
  14. He is so fav breed on dog!
  15. he's the CUTEST!!!