pics of a reconditioned saddle matinee

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  1. I got this saddle matinee last night. I knew that it had a couple of spots on it, but I got it for a great price and I knew this color and leather would probably get some spots anyway. It arrived with actually a few more water and other spots on it that I hadn't bargained on.:cursing: I should have taken before and after shots, but I was a bit upset and I just wanted to get it cleaned up if I could.

    here's what I did; 1st. I cleaned the whole bag with Apple leather cleaner and a micro fiber cloth. Then once it had dried, I used LMB's "pro treatment" and " for handles only". Boy I love these products!!!!!!!!!:tup:

    The apple cleaner did deepen the color slightly, actually to me it enriched the color. The pro treatment didn't darken it any and the "for handles only" didn't change the color either. ( the handles did have a bit of discoloration already but not much) I haven't sprayed it with the "wilson's" since the pro treatment is supposed to do the same thing. I might later but for now I will leave it alone. I just purchased the LMB cleaner since it says it won't darken leather since I've got a dusty coming tomorrow that's new and I don't want it to change at all.

    All in all, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.:yahoo: The color is beautiful, and the leather is so soft and slouchy. This will be a great neutral that can be worn all year. And the great thing is I don'thave to worry about ruining it!:woohoo:

    I included a pic of my chocolate matinee to compare the two colors.

    If you want more info on how I did this, you can PM me.

    I can't say enough about the LMB "for handles only". If you've got a light colored bag, this is a must if you don't want the straps to discolor.

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  2. Beautiful! You did a terrific job! A lady after my own heart! Never be afraid to 'try' :tup:
  3. Am a huge fan of the LMB cleaner, but just a warning-- it is some strong stuff. It did a marvelous job of cleaning the grime, but it did strip off some black off my black basketweave (true to advertising, it doesn't darken). Not sure if others have had a similar experience, but just thought I'd give a heads up... though I should add that I used LMB's cleaner on my black Balenciaga and didn't have that problem!
  4. Great job! Your new Matinee looks unbelievably smooshy! :tup:
  5. great job! it looks just like new!
  6. This post just reminded me how much I need a matinee. Your bags are gorg!
  7. beautiful you did an amazing job
  8. Thanks, it looks like a completely new bag from when I first received it. Granted, we don't want our bags to get in that condition in the first place, but if they do, there is hope. I agree, the LMB products are highly fragranced. But the leather smell on my RM bags so so strong that it doesn't seem to linger. On my bal, even after a few months it still has a bit of a fragrance, but I don't use it much so it sits in it's dust cover most of the time.
  9. wow red! your bag looks sooo smooshy. I want to hug it! By the way I agree that it looks almost new! good job! :tup:
  10. Isn't the saddle leather TDF?!?

    I also just used LMB For Handles Only and Apple Garde water repellant on my saddle MAB. I was extremely nervous, given this leather is so perfect the way it is. I must say I'm extremely pleased - I can't detect any discoloring or change to the leather's feel and it looks just like it did when it arrived two weeks ago. I also purchased LMB's Pro Treatment but haven't used it since I had already sprayed with Apple Garde.
  11. ^^omg yes shuffled.... I just want to curl up with it in bed.... lol... wait.. should I be admitting that? :shame:
  12. yep, this leather is like suede almost. It's the kind of leather that is going to look awesome the more distressed it gets over the years. this will be my go to bag for knocking around in.
  13. I love both your bags! The saddle looks spanking new and cuddly soft. Good job!

    BTW ladies, in the deals and steals forum, there is a current promo for LMB products if you're interested.
  14. Looks great!!!! You did an expert job of repairing whatever damage there was because it's not noticeable in the photos at all.

    I have a question: What is LMB? Is it a waterproofer like Applegarde? Do you prefer it? Ty!
  15. Hi Nanashimara! I seem to be on a roll today... LMB is a really special (and pricy) leather protectant and various other things for bags... I believe the one redskater uses is Luvinmybags "for handles only". Most people prefer to use apple garde for the leather body and the handles are treated with the "for handles only" cream(?), which is available at <--I'm not entirely sure that's the right site though...