Pics of a beauty

  1. New Small Soho Sig Hobo in Khaki................So Cute:heart:
    I bought this bag for my daughter's birthday.......I think I made a great choice, she Loves it, and she won't share it!!hahaha
  2. Aww. She's so cute. Good choice of a bag. :biggrin:
  3. That's such a classic, beautiful bag! :greengrin: It will never go out of style. Great choice.
  4. Very pretty, looks great on you!
  5. Thanks guys.....your the best!!!!
  6. Her top is really cute too! Such a pretty shade of yellow
  7. Great Bag!!! What all can you hold in it? Is it pretty roomy or fairly small?
  8. She has her camera, ipod, make-up bag, phone, long-size wallet, small brush, inhaler, and she carries a small pen/pencil pouch, and she has some room left....She is about 5'3 and weighs about 110
  9. THANKS,
    I told her that color looks good, yellow usually makes her look pale, but she has got such a nice tan color from the beach and pool that the yellow looks great.
  10. Great bag. It looks so cute on her!!
  11. WOW! Sounds like it holds a LOT!! Thanks for the info!
  12. Wow that bag holds a lot. Looks great on her.
  13. That looks so good! She's so cute!!
  14. Very cute bag....and it looks great on her!!
  15. Great choice! It looks great on her and she'll be the envy of all her friends. Plus, it's a classic that she'll treasure forever.