Pic's of a 35 Birkin on a 5'0ish gal please????

  1. :nuts: Hi ladies,

    I know there have been some previous threads on this discussion but I am hoping to see some actual photos to help me make a decision really fast!!!!

    I am just under 5'1 and basically about 90 lbs...there is a 35 birkin I'm head over heels for...but I cannot try it on to see how it actually looks and I would really really appreciate your helpful and beautiful photos to help me confirm that the size is possible and doesn't look silly on me!!

    Thanks in advance!!! :heart: :heart: :rolleyes: :heart:
  2. Oh, I WISH I had one to show you, YORELICA (and I'm 50-ish too) but I'm a true 30cm gal at 5'3" and 110 lbs. But I can tell you that I've tried 35's on before and on me, they look much too big. Are you thinking of it more as a tote or handbag?
  3. D...I'm thinking more as a tote because I have started to realize the 32 Kellys are a little big for a handbag and the kelly is too elegant to become a daily tote* so I wonder if a birkin 35 would be do-able?!
  4. I live in a land of petite beautiful Asian women (and am, alas, not one of them), and I have to say the 35 is too big. Unless you are using it to really lug papers or stuff around, I find that you see the bag and not the woman. JMO:smile:
  5. Hello Yorelica, I am 5'3" & 100 lbs and I had a 35cm as well but it was too big. Sold it to a friend. I prefer 30cm personally! But this is just personal reference!
  6. thanks orchids for the links! it looks great on them!!

    asa: must be hk or somewhere along those lines eh?

    babyblue: thats a little fear of mine too!
  7. I'm not quite as petite but am 5'2" and a size 2 about 115lbs...here i am
    --the blue is a 30 and the raisin is a 35. HTH!
    hermes 012_1.jpg hraisin_1.jpg
  8. ^rc, you look great in both sizes. Which do you like the best and use most?
  9. RC, you look AMAZING and totally rock both bags. Just beautiful!
  10. RC, you look awesome.

    Yorelica, I don't think it would look SILLY at all. But it just may feel to big on you. Also, the B35 is heavy. Just something to consider. If you need a tote, what about a Garden Party or Whitebus tote?
    I'd still have to say go for the 30cm for you. :smile:
  11. And I would agree with you, GT. 30cm would be my vote as well.
  12. Thanks all. I love both sizes for different things. The larger one is more pratical for me on most days but the smaller one is lighter and nice when I don't need to carry as much.
    I also like big bags so the 35 doesn't feel overwhelming.
  13. RC, I have been 'dinged' by the 35 cm on you!
  14. Oh and I do think that the 25 lbs:wtf: I have on Yorelica could make a big difference. Maybe a tinier pfer could post....