Pics of 2.55 reissue in Burgundy

  1. As above ... help me find one ? !!!!:shrugs:
  2. Please do a search of this forum -- there is a whole thread devoted to this bag!
  3. I have a friend with an online store(has been in Vogue and Vanity Fair) that has a Large Burgundy 2.55 bag for sale for 1950.00. I was tempted myself but I have two other 2.55 bags and my husband would kill me. I can send you the link through a PM.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. not a burgundy pic.. but wanted to share this pic as well.. gotta love the new colors!

  6. ^^^ is that blue or gray in the lower left hand corner? In a couple of months i'm going to buy my first chanel :yahoo: and would love that bag if it was a baby blue :love:
  7. I want all those bags......purple is beautiful.
  8. I just saw it in Harrods yesterday, it's absolutely gorgeous!!! I am soooo tempted to buy one!! :tender: :tender: :tender:
  9. its a gorgeous bag but i dont like the softchain its too much hassle.. keep falling from my shoulder! i like the classic leathered chair more.
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